Friday, April 5, 2013

Organized the pantry..

I'm a firm believer that you can never be too organized, ever. When things get too cluttered I go into panic mode, it's a claustrophobic feeling really. We have a TON of stuff! Between just Adam and I we have enough, then there are 3 boys who probably have way too many clothes and toys!

The one room in my house that I am INSANE about keeping clean and organized is the kitchen. I can not STAND dishes in the sink, I hate things being left on the stove, and if I have a hard time finding anything I get irritated.

I can't even believe I let my pantry get to this point:
Ok don't judge me, haha. I have no idea how the heck I allowed this to happen, life I suppose.

A lot of the stuff I ended up throwing away. We had numerous bags of stale chips, cracker boxes with only a couple left in them, again I don't know why they made back IN the pantry.

So I picked up enough motivation to finally get 'er done and grabbed a big trash bag.

Ok I'll stop rambling, basically it comes down to this: CATEGORIZING is key for organizing. That and I use as many different plastic organizers as I can find and the dollar store is AMAZING for finding all kinds of bins etc.

Now for the reveal:
Wooooo SO much better! I love the plastic cereal bins that they have, it really helps the kids identify which kind they want too :)

Here they are side-by-side:

Not sure that there was a point to this post, who knows maybe it'll get you motivated to organize your pantry or to visit the dollar store!

On a completely unrelated note I had chocolate graham crackers with peanut butter as my snack today:
Probably not the healthiest thing on the planet but Delish!

Hope you all have a fantastic day :) Until next time!

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