Saturday, April 6, 2013

FINALLY attacking the back yard!

So around this time last year my mom went with me to Home Depot and so graciously decided to help get us started with the supplies we needed to make our back yard look nice. When we moved in a couple years ago the back yard was a disaster, literally ripped newspaper, broken eye glasses, pieces of broken plastic, old toys, just all kinds of stuff everywhere! That summer I picked most of it up so the kids could be back there but there was just no sense of life back there!

So back to last year. We now had the stuff we needed to make the back yard looking nice and presentable and cleaned up! I potted some veggies and some flowers, Adam got started putting the plastic border around the yard to separate it from the perimeter. That's about as far as we got, not even the perimeter was done!

I was pregnant and I couldn't stand how hot it was, I basically just sprayed a bunch of weed killer around the outside of the lawn area and called it good.

At the beginning of the year this year I started thinking about attacking it again. We had all of the stuff just sitting in the garage. The only reason we were holding back was because we were unsure where Jayse would be in kindergarten. He was accepted into our first choice school so we're able to stay where we are, yay!

So finally the hubby had a day off where he didn't have the obligation to work (he works from home so he's always working). Time to attack this yard work!

Here's the back corner before:

I had already started raking at this point so there were many more dead weeds but you get the idea. So I finished raking that back corner and got it ready to lay down the big black weed block sheet. Basically we wanted to get the sheet down and the mulch laid out so we would keep the motivation to do the rest of the yard, you know, keep our eye on the prize :)

This is how the back corner looks now:

So much better! I can't wait for the whole perimeter to look like this! Luckily this is pretty much our biggest area to mulch. We're supposed to be getting some interesting weather this week so hopefully I can get back out there and get 'er done, I'm so excited!

Hope you all have a great rest of your day :)

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